Technology Stack

Web, Mobile, Infrastructure

Our technology stack includes .NET, native iOS, Android and Angular JS. While for specific product/project needs we employ Xamarin & React Native platforms.

We prefer Azure for infratsucture given our in house capability and fit. For content management systems (CMS), we work with Umbraco & Sitecore.

For customized solutions services we employ technologies that work best given the requirements, budget and customer audience.

In the mobile app segment we have worked with various concepts in travel, commerce, business work flows, unified communication, field staff & payments.

Our first introduction to the mobile ecosystem started with Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Compact Framework development. Since the inception of iOS & Android platforms we focused heavily on the mobile app development and distribution, helping hundreds of customers go mobile.

We have explored other technologies, developing applications using Android NDK, Open CV and many audio and graphic frameworks.

Looking towards the future we are focused on developing in-house capability to enhance our technology stack and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks in to our mobility servcies.

As a provider of end to end solutions, AIROMOB relies heavily on the backend team to ensure performance, reliability and scalability from design phase. Our experience with transportation, hospitality & travel segments has helped us model our approach to offer fast and stable mobile app backends.

Our choice of .NET framework as the primary technology is rooted in our experience working with various business applications and the availability of the expertise in our pool.

Based on specific project needs we have worked with various PHP frameworks, scripting languages and e-Commerce platforms. Currently we are exploring new avenues in consumer applications employing elastic search, R, Python, Pearl and Spark Map R. Whereas utility bots & text analytics is also on our roadmap for 2018.

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